Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post 2

I'm committed now to updating this thing at least once a week. Ok one more month of summer, and a bunch of goals.. in august I plan on making a few time lapse videos of me airbrush painting, and editing them all nice for youtube. Also, I'm gonna make a few flash animations and put them up. I'll also make shirts, patches, and stickers with the stencil-airbrush techniques I've been developing. Currrently, my domain is re-directed to here. I plan on documenting my dumb artistic journey on this thing. I don't know if it'll be worth it to read, but it's worth it for me to start writing, and thinking more lucidly about this stuff. I had planned on having up and running by the time classes start in September, but I think I'll push that back to winter break. I can't learn Dreamweaver in the summer, plus the blog is good enough for now. I'll hopefully be designing stuff for a small business 2 of my friends started as well. Here's my first shirt, I made it for Josh with a stencil by Jeff Poot. It's the logo of a band called Crass...

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